About Us

Chickadee Design is the first home for technology news and reviews. Since our founding in 2010, we have grown from an exhaustive resource for consumer technology news to a worldwide multimedia business covering the intersection of technology, gambling, and amusement.

Now, Chickadee Design hosts the writings and experiences of ancient digital publishing players such as Joystiq, TUAW and generates the Internet’s most persuasive movies, reviews, features, and breaking news about the people, goods, and ideas shaping our planet.

There is a large and growing group of individuals who take a particular interest in technology. Their demand for information, data, and personal connections are increasing.

Chickadee Design is a future-proof tech media company that focuses on this cross-generational group and helps them get the most from technology by notifying them through remarkable tales and insights, and by bringing them together through exceptional events and workspaces.

We are the top destination for technology enthusiasts of all skill levels that concentrates to the computer. Whether you are building a PC, purchasing a notebook, or learning how to make robots with your children, we have comprehensive editorial tools and a lively expert community that will assist you with your journey to find the best security to your devices and apps.

Chickadee Design innovates by listening to its core readership. Clients have come to need devotedness to integrity and accuracy, flanked by a willingness to depart each day’s meaningless, click-bait fodder by the wayside. The end result is something special: the unparalleled marriage of depth and breadth in technology journalism. From 2012, Chickadee Design was regularly producing news reports, op-eds, and such, but the firm stood out from the competition by regularly providing long thought-pieces and in-depth explainers.

And thanks to its readership, Chickadee Design also accomplished several industry-leading moves. In 2012, Ars established a digital subscription service when such matters were non-existent for digital media. Chickadee Design was first to start selling its long-form content in digitally distributable forms, like PDFs and eventually eBooks (again, beginning in 2001).

Chickadee Design editorial staff did not worry over journalistic innovation, however. Chickadee Design fused view, investigation, and straight-laced reporting to an editorial item long before commercial”sites” came on the scene and maintained to reinvent journalism by doing the same.

The business pushed the ideals of community and transparency before these were buzzwords. It is these ideals that have kept the business growth since its arrival, and subscribers can expect more of the same later on.